Support Gender Justice LA / Transgender & Gender Non-Conforming people during COVID-19 image

Support Gender Justice LA / Transgender & Gender Non-Conforming people during COVID-19

We need your support! We are raising funds for general operating cost as well as reallocation funds to GJLA's transgender & gender non-conforming community.

$36,125 raised

$40,000 goal

/ 150


We are fundraising for Gender Justice LA / the Trans & GNC Community!

We are in a critical moment where we need our allies and comrades to show up for the transgender (trans) and gender non-conforming (gnc) community!

The trans and gnc community is one of the most marginalized groups in this country and at high risk for COVID-19. Many of our community members face extreme barriers in general and these barriers are even more exacerbated during this pandemic. Gender Justice LA, along with many other trans, gnc and Intersex organizations explain in detail what these barriers are in this open letter.

Gender Justice LA is invested in making sure our community is not left behind, especially during a pandemic. We need YOUR support! Please consider donating to Gender Justice LA so that we can continue our work, relocate funds and address the needs of our community during COVID-19.

Your funds will go towards:

- Reallocating funds straight to our members

- Pay artist and content creators for their gifts

- Youth Intern stipends

- Rent, phone, materials and program tools

- Towards our COVID-19 mask program (Mask by & for TGI people)

- Creating Care Packages

- Paying online facilitators, healers and femmtors / mentors

Please consider donating to one of the longest running trans led social justice organizations in Los Angeles (Tongva land). No amount is too big or small.

Thank for your support!

In Solidarity,

Gender Justice LA

Image by Micah Bazant / Forward Together